What to Know about Steroids

There are a lot of negative images and opinions about the usage of steroids; mostly because a lot of athletes are caught red handed using and abusing them. But do you know that steroids can also be used in medical treatments and therapies? The substances were originally developed as medicines, but some people develop them into other strings and variants, targeted to improve athletes’ performance and ability.


Understanding Steroids

Steroids are basically synthetic hormones that are designed to treat medical issues. They are available in two basic variants: the anabolic steroids and the corticosteroids. Naturally, they are different and don’t share any common features. The anabolic steroids are used for building up muscles. Originally, doctors would use these substances to treat issues like muscle loss or later puberty (which often leads to the decrease in muscle mass). Since they are almost similar to a male sexual hormone, doctors believe that the anabolic steroids can be beneficial for certain ailments. However, it is common for athletes to also use the substances to boost their performance, especially to add muscle mass and increased strength. Its common for people to mistake peptides such as melanotan 2 and HGH as steroids, however, peptides work completely differently and should not be labelled as a steroid.


The corticosteroids, on the other hand, don’t build muscles. They are used to treat ailments such as autoimmune issues or allergy. They are also common for treating swelling and pain, which result from poison oak or bad insect bites. Prednisone is a type of corticosteroid, which is used to treat arthritis and lupus. Both of these steroids can be injected, taken orally, or being rubbed on the skin.


The Anabolic Steroids

These kinds of steroids come in different variants, but most of them will deliver the same results: they make you stronger, bigger and buffer. You see, when you are working out, there are very tiny and micro tears within your muscle fibers, which can re-grow and heal. But when they heal and re-grow, they get a bit bigger. When you continuously work out, you create the same tear and the bigger result. That’s why bodybuilders or people spending most of their times at the gym can have impressive buff effect after several times. The steroids won’t only help to create bigger and thicker muscle mass, they can also help making the recovery process go faster.


Because of these benefits, athletes like to consume them to improve their performance and strength. Unfortunately, this often leads to illegal usage where athletes may abuse the dosage. Often times, they would consume more than needed. Sure, their performance may increase, but so do possibilities of side effects. They may be bigger, faster, stronger, and have more energies, but don’t forget there are also nasty long term side effects that you should be worried about.


Minimizing the Effects

The only way to avoid the side effects is to use the steroids in moderation and within a limited time. Instead of consuming them on a daily basis, why not consuming only a little bit of these substances when you train? By doing so, you can have your steroids free moments. You should also check your condition before consuming anything – just to be on the safe side.

Steroids can transform a body at an unbelievable rate, making the average joe turn into a muscular monster within months. With hard work and proper diet, the results achievable from steroids are nothing short of amazing. However there are down sides to this and the side effects which can arise due to steroid use can destroy ones body over the years, while many side effects are short term, there are risks of causing long term damage, such as erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, hair loss etc… If you plan on making the move into the steroid world, make sure to do your research and to educate yourself on steroid cycles, anti estrogens, diet and training in order to stay as safe as possible while getting the full benefit.


Types of Steroids:

Oral steroids: Dianabol, winstrol, anavar, turinabol and anadrol are all popular oral steroids.